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Monica C Stovall

Monica C. Stovall Creations and Innovations

Southgate, MI


Monica C. Stovall Photography (for Classic Elegance Fine Art Photography Prints)

Monica C. Stovall Creations & Innovations is the owner, artist, photographer, designer, publisher, and consultant of her creative products and services. Fine Art America hosts her photographic and graphic images in her website and galleries with them.

Various style prints (acrylic, metal, canvas, paper prints, greeting cards) are made available of her photography and graphic design work through Fine Art America's e-commerce shopping; a very easy and user friendly service.

Monica's Photographs represent Classic Elegance and Fine Art Photography at its best.

For those art and photo collectors or for those who need business and residential decors and displays, you will find a variety of graphic designs and photographed images from landscapes (sunsets, sunrises, lakes, waterfalls, shorelines) to flowers in a variety of colors and types (gardens, bouquets, planters). Both the landscapes and flowers include long range and macro (close up) shots.

Her goal is to have the viewer feel as if they were present and right there themselves as they take in the beauty and splendor of these images.

Her other creative services include:

* Monica C. Stovall Books (for Monica's Photo Books and Other Book Publications)

* Monica C. Stovall Custom Designs (for Custom Designed Products)

* Monica C. Stovall Pastel Portrait Paintings and Drawings (currently unavailable)


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Landscapes - 1984 - Hawaii Islands Visit - Maui and Oahu